Cygnet’s Public Benefit Statement

The charity advances education by supporting and promoting the learning and development of young children. The public benefit is to the children and parents receiving the charity’s services.  The objects of the charity are achieved in the ways described below under the various headings.

The services are provided to children whatever their race, culture, religion means or ability.  Any parents that are unable to afford the fees can apply to the local authority.  As an Ofsted registered childcare provider, the charity also receives Government funding to enable all three and four year old children as well as qualifying two year olds to access free part-time childcare places. The charity also offers parents flexible hours at the childcare provision to help working parents to afford the fees. The service is available to any child that lives within the local area.

  • Promoting their care and safety:

The charity looks after the children and their safety by ensuring that the staffing ratios for the childcare provision that are required by law are adhered to.  The provision operates out of a purpose built premises especially designed for the safety of children. The settings have good or outstanding Ofsted ratings and only take in the number of children that they are registered with Ofsted to care for relative to available space.

  • Promoting their education and promoting parental involvement:

This objective is achieved through valuing parents as partners, encouraging them to participate in all aspects of our work and to be trustees of the charity so that they can have their say in how the childcare services are run. Trained and qualified early years practitioners work with the children to support them in achieving the early learning goals for each of the seven areas of learning and development within the Early Years Foundation Stage. The opportunities provided are tailored to meet children’s personal learning and development needs in order to help them reach their full potential as competent, confident, independent and cooperative individuals.

  • Promoting their health and wellbeing:

The provision creates an atmosphere where the children feel at ease and are able to open up to trained and experienced practitioners about issues that concern them.  Children are monitored closely to see if there are any underlying problems and they are encouraged to engage with staff and other children positively, to respect themselves, others and the environment. All children have one on one time with staff.  All food provided by the provision is healthy and no food that causes common allergies is allowed on the premises.

  • Providing services of support to them and their families and carers:

The charity holds regular meetings with parents and on occasions holds specialist training where a need is identified. Parents/carers and family members are also encouraged to speak to staff about any issues that concern them that may affect their child’s education or development. We are a focus in the community for parents and carers to come together in a positive relationship, providing help, support, information and advice also links with other professionals. Our service allows parents to work, train or pursue other activities.

  • Providing services that enshrine best practice:

The charity regularly reviews its’ services with all stakeholders, encourages reflective practice in practitioners and incorporates innovative research and thinking to improve provision. Where possible also contributing to the pool of knowledge relating to good childcare and education in early years and sharing this with others.