How We Operate


It can be unsettling when a child first experiences being left in a new environment with different carers and other children, so with this in mind we try to make the transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible. We like you to bring your child for the initial tour around the nursery as this is a good opportunity for them to explore the Cygnets environment, comfortable in the knowledge that you are with them. On all sites we offer induction/toddler sessions, which provide a chance for your child to get to know us prior to starting nursery. At Cygnets we treat each child as an individual so when they are ready to start nursery, after consultation with you we ensure your child’s induction specifically meets their needs.

Ofsted said about Broad Street: “Flexible settling in procedure ensures that children feel secure during their time at the setting”


Ofsted said about Alveston: “The flexible settling in procedure ensures that children are comfortable and secure in the setting and provides them with time to develop a sense of trust and security with the staff”


Ofsted said about Quinton: “Children are extremely happy in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The nursery provides a safe, inclusive environment”

Our staff

Our most valuable resource is our staff and they are carefully selected to share our philosophy that the wellbeing and happiness of children is paramount. The number of staff we employ exceeds Ofsted requirements and they are all DBS and reference checked. Our staff are qualified, experienced, caring and well supported, within an innovative environment. They are proud of their important jobs and happy to answer your questions whilst the key worker will keep you fully informed of your child’s progress. Although we hold regular open events specifically for this purpose we encourage parents to make appointments if they want to discuss their child’s progress between these events.

Ofsted said about Broad Street: “Children have excellent relationships with the staff who help them to develop their confidence through sensitive interactions and regular encouragement”


Ofsted said about Alveston: “Children receive excellent supervision from attentive staff, which ensures that they are always very well protected and supervised”


Ofsted said about Quinton: “Staff interact effectively with children, listening to what they have to say and building respectful and caring relationships”

Caring supportive environment

We work in partnership with parents to provide a happy and secure environment for all our children to learn, play and develop whether they attend every day or just for a few hours. We value and support children’s natural curiosity, inquisitiveness, experimentation, and harness this to ensure they reach their full potential.

Ofsted said about Broad Street: “The provision is outstanding. Children benefit from clean, warm, comfortable and child friendly environment.”


Ofsted said about Alveston: Staff “organise the environment, resources and activities flexibly and creatively which enables the children to develop their own ideas and make decisions about how they spend their time.”


Ofsted said about Quinton: “The nursery is a warm, welcoming place and the staff have a good understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage”

Balanced routine

At Cygnets we provide the children with a well resourced environment with access to both inside and outside areas regardless of the weather. Children are encouraged to make individual choices from carefully planned and resourced learning experiences which offer all areas of the curriculum. There is a balance of activities, which are designed to provide each individual child with opportunities for learning in all developmental areas. Your child will experience free flow time, outings within the local community and more structured small group activities. Healthy drinks and snacks are available throughout the session and we make the most of any opportunity to discuss healthy eating, cultural & seasonal foods and practice good manners.

Ofsted said about Broad Street: “All children are helped to achieve their full potential”


Ofsted said about Alveston: “The staff are totally committed to providing a high level of care and education for the children”


Ofsted said about Quinton: “They are positive role models and the genuine warmth and kindness from staff helps children to develop good self-esteem and a sense of security and belonging”

Early Learning Goals

Every child engages in a wide range of activities that cover all areas of learning. It is important to remember that all children are individuals and will progress through the stepping stones towards the Early Learning Goals at different rates. At Cygnets the children are designated key-workers who will have special responsibility for them and will plan activities and experiences based on each child’s current needs. The work plans are displayed so you can have an understanding of the work/play sessions and how we deliver the National Curriculum. A list of the children and their associated key workers is displayed in the nursery.

Ofsted said about Broad Street: “The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding. The effectiveness of the curriculum planning and assessment for all children is exceptional.”


Ofsted said about Alveston: “Staff are animated and inspirational, and use their in-depth understanding of the foundation stage, stepping stones and early learning goals to help children progress in all areas.”


Ofsted said about Quinton: “Children become engrossed in the activities and because of this they learn quickly and make good progress”

Partnership with parents

Cygnets operate as a Trust and in joining Cygnets you become a part of the Trust, a partnership with parents/carers where every member is valued. We listen and respond to you, share and discuss your child’s progress, experiences and any difficulties that may arise. We keep you informed by newsletter, notice board, information leaflets and by talking with you. We invite you to share in some of our activities and trips and our door is always open to you. We welcome parents/carers who want to be more involved either just to help or who want to become Trustees. We have a Parent/Carer Involvement Policy and a Parents and Carers Formal Complaints Procedure, which we review and update regularly. It’s lovely to receive compliments as well and if they are in writing we can share them with others. We ask you to sign your child’s registration document as an acknowledgement that you have read and understood the details in our prospectus and our terms and conditions.

Ofsted said about Broad Street: “Partnership with parents and carers is outstanding. Children benefit from the positive relationships that the parents and staff enjoy.”


Ofsted said about Alveston: “The partnership with parents is outstanding. Parents receive information about their children’s progress through daily conversations with staff, written reports and parents’ evenings.”


Ofsted said about Quinton: “The positive partnership with parents and carers ensures that staff meet the individual needs of all children”